Welcome to the The Healing Space in Barrie, a sole practitioner Registered Massage Therapist office. Join me in a unique approach to your health - a warm, inviting, 'whole' approach that blends Osteopathy with Massage Therapy.

For full physical, emotional, psychological healing potency, we must be in a place where our vitality and 'zest for life' effects positive actions, behaviors and strategies. But physical pain from injury or a condition in the body sets us back. We feel 'off.' We are not ourselves. That's what this space is for. This space is for healing. This space is yours. Together, we will assess and treat you to bring you back to your own sense of health, fitness and vitality - True Balance.

I'm looking forward to seeing you here in True Balance at The Healing Space.

Nancy Howden
BA, RMT Sports Focus, MFR, Dip. Osteopathy