"Our goal is always to pinpoint the original cause of the problem, treat it intelligently, and then leave it alone - allowing the body to 'recover' the newly corrected position and level of mobility. I may prescribe remedial exercises to help you maintain and stabilize the new correction. These exercises are designed with you in mind, so that you gain more control and influence over your recovery day to day, and so that you take an active part in moving back to an original state of health."


"You are 'President & CEO' of your own health care. It is my privilege to be a member of your healthcare team, and to ensure that you are seeing the most qualified practitioners who are best suited to your goals and your recovery. If I find for any reason after assessing and treating you that you may benefit from an added mode of treatment - due to issues out of my scope of practice - I will help you navigate to the most qualified, caring provider best suited to your recovery, your communication style, and your long-term goals."
 ~ Nancy Howden (BA, RMT, MFR, Dip. Osteopathy)